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Discover the History of Chocolate in Mexico Although a chocolate bar is cherished and loved around the world, many of its consumers do not know its history. They do not know, in particular, the place of Mexico in the development of the 'Chocolate culture'. By taking a tour of the Mexican ancient ruins and museums, you stand to learn and appreciate where the chocolate has come from, historically speaking. read more
Head to Northern Shores on Holland America's Maasdam The ship boasts some of the most elaborate decorations. From luxuriously decorated staterooms that have an ocean view and feature a private verandah to the rich Dutch and West Indies companies’ interior motif, the cruiser is designed for maximum luxury. It is designed to handle less guests, but with more space and luxury. The Cruiser has been modified to allow disabled accessibility. No cost has been spared to ensure that the cruiser is up to the standards of modern travel. read more
5 of the Best African Hotels Among African countries, three countries have had an exemplary performance in the tourism front. This includes; Egypt, Kenya and South Africa. Egypt is mostly popular for its historical sites such as the pyramids of Giza where pharaohs were buried, and Mediterranean beaches. Kenya on the other hand is popular because of its unique wildlife and pristine white sand beaches on the coast while South Africa is popular as gateway to African markets, abundance of wildlife and stable economic and political environment. read more
Plan Your Wedding at Montage Laguna Beach There are few places in the US that can make a picture perfect romantic destination for a wedding. One of these places is the Montage Laguna Beach. It is an idyllic place overlooking the blue waters of the sea. The muted sounds of the sea waves make the place ideal for a garden wedding and a memorable honeymoon. read more
Mixing Voluntourism with a Cruise Vacation You can offer your services on a cruise boat and get to travel the world over. Voluntourism is giving your services for free in order to get a chance get aboard a cruise ship. read more
The Graceful Itiquita Falls Think of the fun you will have by mixing pleasures of watching the great Brazilian soccer and swimming in clean water pools from the falls of Itiquita. And yes, downstream, the falls form pools of clean water where people can swim. The fish dart around unperturbed by human presence. There are shelters that you can use to change clothing before and after a swim. read more
Explore Chile's Wine Country Traveling in Chile is exotic, adventurous and dreamlike. The clinging air of the forest with all its flora dazzles the eyes and captures the breath in seconds. Gaze upon the almost wild vineyards grown in Chile, taste every year you can think of and then relax with a picnic down the lane. read more
Sentosa: The Island Jewel of Singapore See why this island in Singapore sees over 5 million visitors a year. read more
Enjoy Carnival in Rio Carnival in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil is considered the biggest carnival in the world, with two million people per day on the streets participating and celebrating each year. On your trip here, be sure to check it out. This is an event you simply cannot miss! read more
See the World-Famous Moulin Rouge Show in Paris For classic entertainment and an amazing dinner in an elegant setting in Paris, book your space to see the Moulin Rouge. You will enjoy a gourmet dinner and champagne, and watch the cancan girls strut their stuff. read more
See Alligators Up-Close on a Bayou Boat Tour The Louisiana swamps are swarming with alligators. See these predatory reptiles and other wildlife on a Bayou Boat Tour in New Orleans, Louisiana. read more
Discover the Ghosts of Prague on a Night Ghost Walking Tour The headless knight; the burning man; the infant Jesus of Prague… These are just some of the many ghosts that are said to roam this great city. read more
5 Adventurous Things to Do On Your Trip to Costa Maya, Mexico Costa Maya sees countless tourists a year. Many just lounge on the beach, which is typical and expected. But why not do something unexpected and exciting. Here are five adventurous things you can do on your trip here. read more
Discover Vietnam and Cambodia on a cruise along the Mekong “Timeless Wonders of Vietnam, Cambodia & the Mekong”: a cruise aboard the River Orchid, from Ho Chi Minh City to Hanoi in 15 days. Take this cruise, and you can be sure that you will enjoy an intimate and luxurious experience, as you explore these destinations. read more
Stay at O'Callaghan Alexander Hotel in Dublin Luxury four-star accommodations await you at O'Callaghan Alexander Hotel in Dublin. read more
Tour the Danube on the River Beatrice Uniworld's River Beatrice takes you on a relaxing journey along the Danube. read more
Veere: The Little Village with a lot of Character The Netherlands can be a hectic, busy place, but a visit to Veere can slow things down as you lose yourself in the serenity of village life. read more
Tour Monet's House and Garden in Giverny Take a tour of the house and Gardens of the famous painter, Claude Monet. read more
Enjoy Active Sailfishing in Manzanillo, Mexico Whether you're out to catch Sailfish, Marlin, or Dorado, Manzanillo is the place to go. read more
Stay at Dürnstein's Richard Löwenherz Hotel Suitably named for Richard the Lionheart, this luxury hotel sits in the heart of Wachau, where the world of Austria is within your reach. read more
See the Wonders of Coconut Coast Take your next visit in Bahia to Coconut Coast, where the natural beauty of the land and local fauna await you. read more
Top 5 Things to do in Rangiroa A trip to Rangiroa in French Polynesia offers a world of adventure and excitement. Here are 5 things you'll enjoy on your next trip. read more
Learn the Art of Meditation at Bangkok's International Buddhist Meditation Centre Find inner peace and learn the art of healing in a 2-day meditation training course in Thailand. read more
Spend a Historical Night at the Bocage Plantation Bed & Breakfast If you're looking for a place to stay on your next trip to New Orleans, consider the Bocage Plantation, where luxury and history are in perfect balance. read more
Enjoy a Transatlantic Cruise on Queen Mary 2 From New York, to Paris and London and back, this luxury cruise liner will provide the best of the best in cruise ship vacations. read more