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Located on Oskjuvatn’s northeastern strip is the 150-meter Icelandic explosion crater, named Viti. 
Its clear blue water is actually abundant with minerals and sulphur, and while it promises a comfortable temperature for you to go swimming, this isn’t recommended at all. This is because such craters also contain carbon dioxide on its surface, and this simply makes you faint and perhaps drown in the crater. 
Nonetheless, this didn’t happen to Scientifantastic and his crew as he has successfully shared this very simple yet cool video for us to enjoy.

So communicate with our travel reps now to begin your adventure in Iceland!

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The Famous Meat Fruit


With stunning views of Hyde Park and an impressive culinary show happening in the theatrical kitchen, Dinner by Heston Blumenthal’s cuisine is what really sets it apart.

 The gastronomic blast from the past is shown it its menu, from the beef royal and broth of lamb of the early 17th century to the powdered duck and savory oatmeal of the 16th century. Find out more about this London restaurant, where traditional British main courses start at £20, in this review excerpt posted on travel-centered site, called Fodor’s:

As you take in the view overlooking Hyde Park, you can slice into a "Meat Fruit" starter (c.1500) shaped like a orange mandarin, but encasing the smoothest most creamy chicken liver parfait imaginable. "Rice and flesh" (c.1390) is a picture of yellow saffron rice with calf's tails and red wine, and fans will recognize his snail-and-girolles "Savory porridge" (c.1660). There's juicy Beef Royale (c.1720) cooked sous-vide at 56°C for 72 hours, plus Salmagundi salad with calf's hearts, walnuts, and horseradish. Head off with the spit-roast pineapple "Tipsy cake" (c.1810)—a homage to English spit-roasting from yesteryear.

So contact us now to get started with your next culinary experience in London!

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