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The Famous Meat Fruit


With stunning views of Hyde Park and an impressive culinary show happening in the theatrical kitchen, Dinner by Heston Blumenthal’s cuisine is what really sets it apart.

 The gastronomic blast from the past is shown it its menu, from the beef royal and broth of lamb of the early 17th century to the powdered duck and savory oatmeal of the 16th century. Find out more about this London restaurant, where traditional British main courses start at £20, in this review excerpt posted on travel-centered site, called Fodor’s:

As you take in the view overlooking Hyde Park, you can slice into a "Meat Fruit" starter (c.1500) shaped like a orange mandarin, but encasing the smoothest most creamy chicken liver parfait imaginable. "Rice and flesh" (c.1390) is a picture of yellow saffron rice with calf's tails and red wine, and fans will recognize his snail-and-girolles "Savory porridge" (c.1660). There's juicy Beef Royale (c.1720) cooked sous-vide at 56°C for 72 hours, plus Salmagundi salad with calf's hearts, walnuts, and horseradish. Head off with the spit-roast pineapple "Tipsy cake" (c.1810)—a homage to English spit-roasting from yesteryear.

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With a great interior design, reverse cycle air-conditioning, contemporary kitchen amenities, two comfort rooms, laundry services, a garage and a private mooring area for your boat, nothing comes close to the complete facilities at the Portside Noosa Waters. This waterfront townhouse doesn’t only provide convenient accessibility to the lovely Noosa River but also to the numerous travel activities, dining opportunities, attractions and shopping district in Noosa.

Learn more about Portside Noosa Waters in TravelSensations’ clip, in which the creator shares,

A Noosa accommodation of 20 luxury 2 & 3 bedroom townhouses beautifully positioned on a peaceful waterway off the Noosa River. Designed for self-catering & waterfront living with private water views from the decks, balcony and gardens, PORTSIDE NOOSA WATERS offers guests every comfort for a great holiday!

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When in Peru, it can’t be help for the gourmand in you to take you and your palate to sample great Peruvian dishes.  

So we list down five of the best for your easy reference.

1. Ceviche
It is probably the most popular South American dish.  The basic ingredient is raw fish, cut into bite-size pieces and marinated in lime juice, salt and seasonings. This preparation has become a basic procedure as the Incas used to preserve their fish with fruit juice, salt and chilli peppers, and later the Spanish conquerors introduced the now essential limes.

2. Aji de Gallina
This literally means chicken in spicy sauce.  The yellow aji pepper lends its colour, including giving a mild kick to several Peruvian dishes.  This rich, velvety stew is made with chicken and condensed milk and thickened with de-crusted white bread. A vegetarian alternative with a similar flavour is the ubiquitous papa a la huancaina, which is basically a boiled potato with creamy yellow sauce.

3. Cuy
A pre-colonial time favourite, cuy is a Peru staple.  Since guinea pigs are traditional source of food and protein in the Andes, eating cuy has become such a tradition that there are festivals celebrating the guinea pig. These usually highlight the best-tasting cuy contest.

4. Cazuela
If you are a soup lover, then cazuela is for you.  This is traditionally prepared by boiling a piece of hen, a good piece of meat and a good piece of sheep. Finally, some wild cabbage, rice, carrot, sweet corn ears, and a glass of white wine are added to make an unforgettable local soup.

5. Causa
A visitor to any market in Peru is certain to find two things—hundreds of varieties of potatoes and piles of avocados large enough to toboggan down. Causa actually is not your ordinary mashed potato. Its layers usually contain tuna, meat or hard-boiled egg.

Tuck this list together with your travel itinerary for easy access during your food trip in Peru!

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Feigefossen Waterfall, Norway


Norway is mountainous country full of glaciated valleys and fjords with waterfalls every bit as tall, powerful and majestic as the best that Yosemite has to offer.

Here we present to you the 4 of the best waterfalls in Norway.


The most spectacular waterfall in Norway, Vøringsfossen is a sight to behold.  It one of Norway’s most popular tourist attractions.

The Seven Sisters

Among the most photographed waterfalls, The Seven Sisters is one of the finest.  From what could be told, it consists of several columns of water, which is how this waterfall got its name (as someone envisioned there were seven of these columns).  


One of the “best in the word”, that is Langfossen, as declared by The World Waterfall Database.  It is one of the tallest, about 600 meters, where it leaps out into Åkrafjorden.  


LÃ¥tefossen is unique among Norwegian waterfalls. It features two streams, flowing together on the side of a mountain, which come together just before they merge with another river, in the valley below.

The descriptions above amount to very little as compared to the experience when you are there.  

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Sea, sand and sun – the perfect combination that is ubiquitous in the paradise-like island of Hawaii. For adventurous travelers who thirst more than lazing on the sand, a paddle surf water sport is a great way to while your time at this Eden of an island!

Get a closer meet-and-greet encounter with the Pacific Ocean by engaging in a stand up paddle surfing adventure! Get a load of Hoe he'e nalu in Peter Trow’s wonderful clip!

So begin planning your trip to Hawaii as early as now by talking to our travel representatives!


Located on the Mid-Atlantic Ridge is the lovely island nation of Iceland, which is known to be a geologically and volcanically active Nordic European country.

When visiting this scenic island, you’ll be amazed by the diversity of its interior, which is mainly comprised of glacial rivers, lava and sand fields as well as mountainous regions.

Get to know a small fraction of Iceland in this video arranged by, in which the user shares,

In October of 2011, a small group of filmmakers, photographers and musicians traveled to the remote countryside of Iceland to document their experience with the landscape, traditions and people encountered along the way. Thee end result is a series of improvised, collaborative musical vignettes - based on field recordings and visual material collected on location - amidst documentary footage of the journey to a uniquely breathtaking place. Thee feature-length film and accompanying soundtrack are slated for launch in June of 2012, featuring the work of thirteen contemporary classical composers and electronic producers.

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Northern Lights in Norway



Norway is famous for its exceptional countryside sceneries featuring mountain ranges and fjords, but one of the main reasons that make it at the top of every traveler’s must-visit list is it is in here where the best view of both the midnight sun and the northern lights can be witnessed.
The northern lights, also called an aurora, can be seen as a natural display of beautiful lights in the sky, and they are generally seen in the Antarctic and Arctic regions or in countries nestled in high altitudes. 
This is why Geoff Wilding of the Daily Mail UK signed up for a cruise to Norway in the hope of witnessing this natural phenomenon in Tromsø (“Reader Review: Enjoy a Norwegian Voyage that will Leave You Glowing”). His wonderful experience started when he saw the “clouds parted” and “saw an extraordinary display” of lights in the sky.
Here’s a quick excerpt from his very interesting article:
We travelled from Alta to the hinterland of Finmark to see the Ice Hotel which is built new every year. But the best thing was actually seeing the Northern Lights. You leave the ship in Tromsø in the early evening and are driven into the wilderness, away from any town lights which would interfere with seeing the aurora borealis.
Check out the rest of his article, and see what other beautiful places and wonderful experiences he encountered in his Norway cruise.

So start planning your next cruise trip now!

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The Kenya and Tanzania group has been back now for a month and no doubt, what they saw, felt and experienced is sinking in. Our new BOB'S cruises & tours bulletin cover is a photo taken at a school located in the Masai Mara (Kenya)  and Bob's message provides a bit of an insight to what was experienced during this incredible visit. 

It is a beautiful story because so many of the children who experience difficulties almost daily, and who live without the basics we take for granted, embraced our guests with big smiles, laughter and hugs. Heather (Bob's wife) found it all quite emotional as we believe a lot of our guests did. Although the group brought gifts from Canada and graciously donated $500, we think the ones who were really gifted, were our guests.

Ken Cenzura, one of the guests of the tour, has graciously given us permission to use his photos. Not only will the guests re-live a little of their trip, perhaps it will entice others to visit the magical countries of Kenya and Tanzania. 

Take a look at the images in the 'photo' section of our website and feel free to add your own, or any other photos from a BOB'S cruises & tours, trip. 




So many things to remember!

Once you’ve booked your flight or reserved your spot on a cruise, you realize there are still a dozen or so important details to take care of before you leave.

That’s why we put together this handy travel checklist to help you stay organized and stress-free. 

1) Call your Credit Card Company and/or Bank to let them know you’re leaving the country. 

Most have anti-fraud services in place, so if foreign withdraws start popping up in your account a red flag is going to go off and your account might be frozen. Let them know where you’re going and how long you’ll be there.

2) Place a stop or hold on mail and deliveries

A pile of newspapers on your front lawn is a clear message to thieves that you’re away from home.

3) Write down emergency numbers 

… For you and for those back home. Give family, friends, neighbors and/or house sitters a way to reach you should an emergency occur. This includes both your new cell number if you’re using a SIM card and the number and address of the hotel you’re staying at.

For yourself: write down any numbers you might need during your trip. This includes family, friends, Doctor, bank, credit card companies and sitters. If you’re friendly with your neighbors ask them to keep an eye on your place.

4) Prep your home. 

If you have a security system this is the time to use it. Set some lights in and around your place on a timer to make it look like someone is home.

Throw out all garbage and go through your fridge for food that will expire. I also highly recommend cleaning up your place before you go. There’s something to be said about coming home to a clean and tidy home after a long trip.

If you have lawn or pool maintenance, either put the service on hold or let the company know you will be out of town. Turn your thermostat off or set it at a base temperature that will keep your pets and plants alive and healthy.

5) Set up pet care. 

Figure out if a friend can watch your pets from their home, or if they can come over regularly to take care of them. For more info, check out the Lazy Traveler’s Guide to Leaving Pets at Home.

6) If you’re bringing your laptop, back up all data before you go.

Use a cloud backup service like Syncplicity (2GB free) or Dropbox (also 2GB free). You can also save stuff to your Google account in Google Docs.

Clean out the memory card on your camera and save those to your computer or an online program (like our Travel Photos feature!)

7) Learn the basics of the local language. 

8) Pack maps, guides and public transportation schedules.

Do some research beforehand about your destination so you know what you want to see while you’re there. Tentatively plan out the first few days - you don’t need a rigid schedule but rather a loose idea of the sights, restaurants and other local spots you want to check out. Remember - this is something we can help you with if you plan and book with us!

9) Check the weather.

Especially if you’re not familiar with your destination, it’ll help you determine what to pack.

10) Pack only essentials - it will save you stress! 

  • The minimum amount of clothes that can be easily mixed and matched throughout the trip. 
  • Extra contact lenses, lens solution & glasses. 
  • Camera, batteries & recharger. 
  • Voltage converter, small flashlight, cell phone & charger. 
  • Any RX, vitamins & anti-diarrheal medications.

If you have a medical condition that might cause some delay at the airport (like a metal implant or liquid insulin capsules) bring the appropriate doctors note. Meet with your Doctor before your trip and ask for a written or typed, formal note on the Doctor stationary with the Doctor’s signature at the bottom. The note should be as specific as possible.

If you have a disabilty, let the airline know ahead of time. For every official staff member that asks for your ID, show them your paperwork proving your disability or condition.

11) Pack your carry-on. 

Make sure you have your identification, credit card(s), flight tickets and hotel reservation information / confirmation numbers. If you have them, bring your list of frequent flier numbers and any insurance cards. Don’t bring any more credit cards than you need to. Buy quart-size zipped lock bags if you plan to bring any liquids (under 3oz).

12) Get some cash. 

You should bring credit cards too, but always try to have some cash on you for cab fees and other incidentals. Find out what the local currency is and try to bring some if you can.


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Cultural norms can vary drastically from country to country, and even among different regions within the same country. 

Take Italy for example. The South is a little more laid-back, and has a few particular traditions and superstitions not commonly found in the North. For example, it's considered back luck for four people to shake hands at the same time - forming a cross. Many older Italians will wait until the first party is finished shaking hands before putting forth their hand.

This tip and many others you can find on - World's Most-Visited Countries - Travel Etiquette. Author Lee goes through 8 popular travel destinations and names some of the most relevant cultural etiquette you'll want to know for your next trip. Check it out!