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The Graceful Itiquita Falls Think of the fun you will have by mixing pleasures of watching the great Brazilian soccer and swimming in clean water pools from the falls of Itiquita. And yes, downstream, the falls form pools of clean water where people can swim. The fish dart around unperturbed by human presence. There are shelters that you can use to change clothing before and after a swim. read more
See the Wonders of Coconut Coast Take your next visit in Bahia to Coconut Coast, where the natural beauty of the land and local fauna await you. read more
Purchase Brazilian Craft at the Feirinha Beira-Mar While in Brazil, stop by the market in Fortaleza for some authentic Brazilian souvenirs. read more
Go to Brazil, and Have the Time of Your Life without Going Bankrupt Not only South America’s biggest nation, Brazil is also known as an expensive travel destination in the world. read more