See Alligators Up-close on a Bayou Boat Tour

The Louisiana swamps are swarming with alligators. See these predatory reptiles and other wildlife on a Bayou Boat Tour in New Orleans, Louisiana.

See Alligators Up-Close on a Bayou Boat Tour

The idea of an open space encounter with an alligator or large snake strikes fear in the hearts of most of us. This is something most people definitely dread, but some take a keen liking to it. In fact, there are men in Louisiana who can boast that they have wrestled with one or more of these powerful and scary creatures. If you are like me though, you definitely prefer to opt for a casual and safe encounter with these animals; one where you could see these creatures up-close without ever being in danger of being eaten!

A Bayou Boat Tour in New Orleans, Louisiana will provide such an encounter. On this tour, you will access the most remote parts of the Bayou and see some amazing sights. The swamp is home to a variety of creatures other than alligators including native birds, turtles, snakes, racoons and more. So be sure to look out for them as you cruise along.