What to Expect When Arriving in Linz

Linz is one of those cities that surprises people once they arrive. Linz, which is the third largest city in Austria with close to 200,000 people, truly lives up to its tourist slogan " In Linz beginnt's (It starts in Linz).

What to expect when arriving in Linz


So what can you expect as visitor, you ask ?

Linz's attractive landscape is dominated by delightful rolling hills and, of course, the unmistakable beauty of the danube river.
The town, itself, possesses a large "Alstadt" (Old Town) which is rich in culture with numerous museums, festivals, and community events to visit.

Along with the pure beauty of the city itself, and soaking in its quaint atmosphere, Linz's does not disappoint in terms of things to do and see.

Below you will find some popular thing things to do and see when arriving in Linz.

New Cathedral: Linz is known as the city of churches but, the one to not miss is the New Cathedral. The structure itself is the largest church in Austria sporting a 134 Metre tower and room for 20,000 people on any given day.

Trinity Column: Located in the main square and completed in 1723 its a sight to be seen.

Linz Castle: Dating back to 799 the castle has been used in several capacities including a military hospital and prison. Today the castle is home to permanent art exhibitions, historical weapons and musical instruments.

City Express: Feet getting tired from all the exploring ? No problem just jump on the city express and let them be your guide around town.

Botanical Gardens: Get up and personal with over 800 various types of plants confined within 43,000 square metres of pure Austrian beauty.

Has all this sightseeing made you hungry? Well, you're in luck! Here are the five top restaurants in Linz to help you cap off the day.

1. Brandi - Traditional Austrian fare
2. Bombay Palace - Indian
3. Cook - Scandinavian
4. Verdi Restaurant and Einkehr- Austrian
5. Kaufmans- Cafe ( Wide variety )

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