I am Nina and I live and work in the territory of America. The three scenes respectively represent art, nature and human passion and the three are inter - related. This love will ever remain calm and elevated and it will be quite different from ordinary human love which brings sorrow and suffering in its wake. Even this scene of sorrow and cruelty can give aesthetic pleasure when it is transformed into art by the sculptor of the urn. The poet’s eye focuses on the scene of a religious sacrifice. By using special glasses and one eye recovered sufficiently he was able to read and he also learned Braille.

As with any attention catcher, you’ll want to take your time making a good one that begins persuading your audience immediately. There will be no misery of the loss of the loved one here, in contrast to what Keats himself experienced in his life. He asks if there is a struggle to escape. The work should be original and there should be no plagiarism. The following sample focuses on all of these subjects and should give you plenty of inspiring ideas to work with. Therefore they are arguably following Kantian philosophy and abide by moral absolutism. The soft and silky sides of the animal are covered with garlands as it is an animal for a sacrifice.

And all her silken flanks with garlands drest? Similarly, the lover on the urn trying to kiss his beloved can never actually fulfill his desire. The pastoral setting inspires the piper and his melody excites the lover. The poet asks the piper to continue his delightful music and thus fill his soul with its silent melody. And for that very reason, the music of the pipes depicted on the urn is more pleasing than any song heard by the sensual ear. A lot of people simply can’t afford it although the new law is suppose to make it more affordable. 3. In dynamiting Cortlandt Homes, Howard Roark breaks the law. It will be a source of joy for him for every moment he will be expecting to kiss his beloved. The poet notices a frieze of three scenes; a fair youth playing a pipe, a tree that shelters him and a lover who tries to kiss his beloved.