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Sue has over 15 years experience in the travel industry and has travelled to many countries around the world. She is able to give a 'youthful' perspective on cruising as well as land tours, and she is very familiar with the Caribbean and packaged get-away tours.

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Exploring America's Great Parks Exploring America's Great Parks From May - September 15-days Roundtrip Las Vegas
globus - americas parks map.jpg
by Sue Kerby - Las Vegas, Nv, United States - 2 Replies

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Wielkk - about 1 year ago

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Haley Brown - 12 months ago
Anniversary 2016 Anniversary 2016 Just a couple shots from Bob & Heather's anniversary 2016 trip. More to come.
anniversary 2016 group circle pic.jpg anniversary 2016 group bob heather.jpg
by Sue Kerby - Istanbul, Turkey - Reply
Great Shots by Doug Rotchell....thanks again Doug! Great Shots by Doug Rotchell....thanks again Doug! March 2015, Group to the Galapagos with an add of of Machu Picchu. Amazing Wildlife.
galapagos zodiac group.jpg Galapagos yellow Iguana.jpg Galapagos y iguana.jpg Galapagos turtle water.jpg Galapagos turtle ladies.jpg Galapagos turtle.jpg Galapagos seals swimming.jpg
by Sue Kerby - Galapagos Islands, Ecuador - Reply