5 of the Best African Hotels

Among African countries, three countries have had an exemplary performance in the tourism front. This includes; Egypt, Kenya and South Africa. Egypt is mostly popular for its historical sites such as the pyramids of Giza where pharaohs were buried, and Mediterranean beaches. Kenya on the other hand is popular because of its unique wildlife and pristine white sand beaches on the coast while South Africa is popular as gateway to African markets, abundance of wildlife and stable economic and political environment.

Each of these countries has their fair share of high-end hotels that have helped achieve recognition as popular tourist destinations. Below are 5 of the best hotels.

InterContinental The Palace Port Ghalib Resort
This is one of the best hotels in Egypt. It is primly nestled along the historic red sea. It offers exclusive and unmatched luxury. Formerly, it was built as a symbol of Ghalib's love for his wife. Its majestic architecture draws awe from any tourist that visits the place. Among the things you can do from the hotel includes watching spinner dolphins, dugongs, hammerheads, sharks. You can also get boat rides around the red sea. If you prefer scuba diving, there are facilities for scuba diving. The hotel is part of an elaborate group of hotels including Crowne Plaza Sahara Sands Port Ghalib Resort, Crowne Plaza Sahara Oasis Port Ghalib Resort and Port Ghalib International Marina and Corniche & Khan. The hotel is surrounded by an array of night spots, bars and eateries.

Diani Reef Beach Resort and Spa
Situated in the Kenyan South Coast, this resort and spa facility represents what the East African Coast can offer. From white pristine sandy beaches to local Swahili dishes, the hotel boasts one of the highest bookings in Africa. It offers its guests a variety of holiday activities such as beach volleyball, diving, boat rides, fishing trips, wildlife tours, and many other water sports. It is located on a 30 acres piece of land. It has 144 tastefully decorated and luxuriously furnished rooms. Amazingly, you can venture into the Kenyan wild with the resort as a base.

The Nairobi Serena Hotel
This hotel is nestled at the center of the Kenyan capital. It offers its guest the panoramic view of the Nairobi skyline and the Nairobi National Park. Amazingly the Hotel is about 4 Kilometers from the park, which is said to be the only park within a city in the world. It is usually used to mix business with pleasure. You can attend a business conference at the hotel in the morning and visit the park in the afternoon. Constructed using local material, the hotel represents the African Heritage like no other in Africa. You will find a Moroccan Carpet in one room and get a Maasai handcrafted sculpture in another.

Mount Nelson Hotel
If you want to experience Cape Town's vibrant culture, then you has found the place. It is situated on the shores of the Atlantic Ocean and makes you want to spend all your day in the water. It is in the vicinity of Cape Town's best beaches. Being one of Africa's biggest and most prestigious hotels, you are likely to meet who is who in African business circles. It is the place to hook up with business elite and strike a deal. You can also get a safari from with the hotel's own tour guides upon request.

The Plattenberg
This is one of the most spectacular resorts in Africa. It is built on a plateau of hills overlooking the sea and hundreds of miles of beach sand. Built in 1998, this South African hotel represents the new Africa where the new money mixes with old money to bring out a burgeoning middle class. From watching Dolphins and Sharks in the deep blue waters to swimming in the hotel's own swimming pool, a visitor can expect maximum luxury. Amazingly, the hotel features a cellar that stocks the best of local and imported wines.

There are hundreds of excellent hotels in Africa. The above hotels just represent the best of the best.

by Kennedy Runo on 10/31/2013 in Hotels