Best Burger in joints Belfast

The name Belfast means "mouth of the sandbanks" and it is the given name to the largest city and capital of Northern Ireland – the City of Belfast. With a population of 286,000 in the city proper and 483,418 in its metropolitan area, Belfast is the eighteenth largest city in the United Kingdom and second largest on the island of Ireland.

Over the years, love for burgers has grown in the Belfast neighborhoods, just as it has done in most of the United Kingdom. For those who want to know just how widespread the love for this American delicacy is, check out the list of the top burger joints in Belfast below.

1. Build a Burger

This restaurant is located on Botanic Avenue, just a few minutes from Belfast. It is popular among the families, students and office workers due to the efficiency of its staff. A peanut butter and sweet chili on your beef burger at $5 is a good bargain...don't you think?

2. The John Hewitt Bar

This is another popular burger joint among the Belfast residents due to the cheap burgers they sell without compromising quality. You will get served with a burger that has toppings such as caramelized onion mash, red wine sauce and vegetables.

3. Rocket and Relish

This burger joint will serve you with a 6oz burger topped with mature cheddar, country relish, aioli, rocket, fried onions and fresh tomato. Amazingly, special care goes into the preparation of the buns. They are crisp shelled into absorbent mold so that when the toppings are applied, you can relish on the burger without making a mess.

4. The alley Cat

Sweet corn and polenta burger, mushroom burger, sweet potato fries - these three items make up the complete menu of the Alley Cat. However, in this simplicity is the disguised excellence in making a great burger. Trust me; if you have a burger at this restaurant, you will never want to have a burger anywhere else.

5. The Barking Dog

How would a chocolate sauce taste on a burger? Well, you need to find out for yourself at this Belfast restaurant. It is simple in its preparation and yet the taste is great. By the way, you will also get to select whether you want a beef, bacon, or chicken burger.

Belfast is not on the UK media a lot - at least nowadays. In the past it was known as a war zone but today, it is a quiet neighborhood where you can have a relaxing weekend with your family.


by Kennedy Runo on 02/21/2014 in Dining