Comfort Inn Near Universal Studios Hollywood

Very few LA accommodations can match the Comfort Inn's luxury, ideal location, intimacy and customer service. You are thus in good hands if you are considering staying in this great holiday accommodation.

Some of the LA points of interest that are near the hotel include; Universal Studios, Dodger Stadium, University of Southern California, Staples Center, Beverly Hills,

As a guest at the inn, you will probably never exhaust the number of dining options near you. The Denny's, Mexican Village, and Ocha Classic Thai are some of the eateries that are near the inn.

Among the amenities that you get to enjoy at the inn include;

Your accommodations at the hotel will feature the following amenities; in-room hot tubs, microwaves, refrigerators, cable TVs among others.

Popular holiday activities at and around the inn include shopping, fine dining, day and night entertainment, nightclubbing, visiting points of interest, and many more.

Make a reservation today and get to live in LA for a discounted rate. Make sure you visit as many attractions as possible...and carry your camera too. Some of these sights are too impressive not to have a copy to remind you of your trip there.

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by Kennedy Runo on 06/11/2015 in Luxury