Discover the History of Chocolate in Mexico

Although a chocolate bar is cherished and loved around the world, many of its consumers do not know its history. They do not know, in particular, the place of Mexico in the development of the 'Chocolate culture'. By taking a tour of the Mexican ancient ruins and museums, you stand to learn and appreciate where the chocolate has come from, historically speaking.

Recent archaeological evidences have indicated that Chocolate was being eaten in mexico by 1900 BC. It was, indeed, an important part of the ancient Mayan and Aztec tribes diet. These two tribes were responsible for civilizations that flourished and occupied parts of the present day Mexico. Thousands of years later, Mexico is taken to be the one that gave the world chocolate.

A Spanish explorer by the name Hernán Cortés arrived in Mexico in 1519 and was introduced to chocolate by his host, Moctezuma, a Aztec ruler, when he went to visit him in his palace. After testing the drink, the Spanish was excited and reported about it as, "of a very exciting nature.".
From this moment on, the chocolate started its long journey to the rest of the world and its fate as the most loved drink by humanity was sealed.

By making a trip to Mexico, you stand to learn many things about the origin of chocolate and its place in the diet of the citizens of the ancient civilizations, which rose in the South America state of Mexico.

If you love the chocolate bar and want to find out about its past, mexico is where it all starts. Make a reservation and start following the steps of the chocolate from the ruins of the ancient civilization.

by Blogger008 on 11/09/2013 in Escorted or Guided Tour