Explore the Mysteries of Space at Warsaw's Heaven of Copernicus

Visit one of the most modern and original planetariums in Europe—Warsaw’s Heaven of Copernicus. It is located in Poland’s capital and largest city, Warsaw, and offers visitors a view into deep space through sky displays, film projections, lectures and meetings.

The exterior of the planetarium’s building resembles an enormous boulder and its interior conceals the stat-of-the-art projection room, which weighs about 3-tons and is suspended by gigantic chains.

The projection room is equipped with four digital projectors and a Megastar II, a star projector that displays 20 million points of light, namely stars. Its 137 comfortable chairs are arranged in a way that enables the viewers to conveniently look at the sky. The planetarium also features its own production studio that creates shows displayed on the screen in the shape of a hemisphere.

Each session lasts about an hour and consists of two parts: a live display of the sky, and a film. The Heavens of Copernicus emphasizes the need for guests to be on time due to the safety and comfort of the audience, and those who are late will not be allowed in. Therefore, try to get there on time! Before the session, you can go their observation deck, which has a superb view of Vistula and the National Stadium, or you can visit their Blue Sky Café.