Get a Breather Away from the City, and Hike the Desolation Peak

Located in the North Cascade Mountains is the Desolation Peak, wherein you’ll find the National Park Service’s humble and wooden fire lookout. 

Although you’ll have to scale a 3,500-foot climb, the views at the top is all worth it as you’ll be treated to endless vistas of the forest as well as of other summits. 
Inspired by the American poet and novelist Jack Kerouac, ETHAN TODRAS-WHITEHILL of the NY Times Travel also hiked the Desolation Peak Trail after a long journey through steep meadows (“Climbing a Peak that Stirred Kerouac"). Below is an excerpt of his travel post:
The nice part about the Desolation Peak hike is that it can be as easy or as hard as you please. The trailhead is about three hours from Seattle, and day hikers can pay for a boat ride up Ross Lake to the base of the mountain from Ross Lake Resorts; the lakeside camp at nearby Lightning Creek offers the option to tack on a night in the wilderness. But for those looking to sleep atop Kerouac’s mountain, as we planned to do, the price of admission is steep: a 3,500-foot climb carrying all the water you will need for the next day (not to mention camping gear), as Desolation Peak is bone-dry once the snowfields melt in August.

So contact us now to get started with your next adventure on the Desolation Peak!

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by Blogger002 on 11/21/2012 in Outdoor Activities