Head to Halifax for a Tour of the Alexander Keith's Brewery

Alexander Keith's is a famous Canadian brewery founded in 1820 in Halifax, Nova Scotia. It is one of the oldest commercial breweries in all of North America --even older than the nation of Canada! It was founded by the famous Alexander Keith, who emigrated from Scotland in 1817. Keith was later elected mayor of Halifax and achieved numerous other significant appointments.

The brewery itself is rich in history, lasting the test of time –and taste. They produce a large variety of beers and ales in mass quantities. As far back as 1863, they were producing over 100,000 litres of ale per year –about 547 pints of beer a day. Today, their beers and ales can be found on shelves across Canada and the United States.

You can take a tour and see how Alexander Keith did it way back then. Beer is served on the tour, while for non-drinkers, alternatives to beer are served. Located in a wonderful old building, The Brewery Market, this is a tour for all ale fans. Timings and hours vary seasonally. Summer tours run every half hour and winter/Spring tours run every hour. Each tour lasts around fifty minutes. Tours are arranged at a charge; the brewery also arranges group events.


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by BOB'S Cruises & Tours Blogger on 08/07/2013 in Local Events