Learn the Art of Meditation at Bangkok's International Buddhist Meditation Centre

The Vipassana Meditation Centre, Wat Mahadhatu (Section 5), offers daily meditation classes for English-speaking people, which are very interesting and insightful. These classes are arranged by the International Buddhist Meditation Centre (I.B.M.C.), which also arranges retreats for a similar purpose.

Classes are offered in the mornings (7-10am), afternoons (1-4pm) and evenings (6-8pm), lasting 2-3 hours. These classes start with an introductory meditation instruction, followed by the demonstration of walking and sitting meditation. Attendance is free of charge, however, donations are welcome.

Persons can join the class based on the schedules provided, or one can choose to stay at the centre overnight, if that person wants to practice intensively. Persons are required to observe their 8 precepts and wear white clothes, which are provided at the centre. You can prepare your own white clothes and other ‘polite’ outfits (enough for 3 days). Practitioners should also bring necessary things such as individual medicine, soap, towel etc. the centre provides blankets and pillows.

There are also talks on meditation and other interesting topics, held at the centre from 8-10pm, as well as retreats planned by the I.B.M.C. By attending each of these, (though not mandatory), one can get a full scope and grasp of meditation techniques, and reach closer to their goal of finding inner-peace.


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by BOB'S Cruises & Tours Blogger on 08/27/2013 in Rest & Relaxation