Mixing Voluntourism with a Cruise Vacation

Have you ever thought of having a cruise vacation? Of course many people dismiss the notion the moment it crosses their mind, mostly because cruises are only affordable to a select group of rich retirees.

However, cruises need not be for this people alone. You can offer your services on a cruise boat and get to travel the world over. Voluntourism is giving your services for free in order to get a chance get aboard a cruise ship. To get the most out of Volutourism, you need to get some things right from the word go.

The first one is securing a position in a cruise ship that will tour to your preferred destination. For example, you cannot volunteer your services to a cruise ship that will tour through the Mediterranean tourism circuit while your interest is in the Caribbean. Make sure you get a cruise ship that visits over 70 percent of you dream destination.

Another trick in voluntourism is getting the right job. Some jobs are more involving than others. You would want to get a job that gives you enough free time to get around. A good example is a tour guide. As a tour guide, once you reach a port of interest you will be expected to help the tourist get around. This will also give you a chance to get around. Kitchen jobs, deckhands, as well as waitresses are almost exclusively on the cruiser and rarely get the chance to get around.

You also need to have prepared well for the job you pick. You do not want to stutter when a member of the touring group ask you a question about a place or some piece of history. Also make sure that you are enthusiastic about the services you volunteer to a cruising company. Remember that you are on the cruise ship to enjoy a vacation. If you pick up a job that does not interest you, you will have wasted a good chance to have a happy holiday.

Voluntourism have its origins in the 2004 Tsunami disaster. Travel companies saw value in offering volunteers a chance to help rebuild the affected areas. Within no time, it gained traction as it saved the companies a lot of money in terms of paid labor.

Also called philanthropic tourism, voluntourism is a chance for people to do good during their holiday time. Voluntourism has not only helped people who would otherwise not afford a cruise have it, but also helped most of the countries that have been affected by natural disasters recover quickly.

by Kennedy Runo on 10/31/2013 in River or Ocean Cruises