Settle in a Reminiscence of Singapore’s Past at The Sultan

Serving as a magnificent homage to the celebrated and vibrant history of Singapore, The Sultan provides guests the unique opportunity to settle in a reminiscence of the country’s past without going for an impossible time travel.

With over 60 matchless bedrooms that are authentically recreated and preserved from conventional shop houses, you’ll definitely notice how The Sultan was able to perfectly keep hold of the exquisite structural designs that make one remember of that one time when lovely floor-to-ceiling shuttered windows, tall columns and extensive arcs were common interiors of any Singaporean household.

Cheryl Lu-Lien Tan took a visit to The Sultan and experienced for herself how it is to be brought back to the style and manner of the old Singapore (“Hotel Review: The Sultan in Singapore”). Here’s a quick excerpt of her room review of The Sultan:

At 160 square feet, the basic “platform room” that my sister and I shared would have felt cramped if it hadn’t been for the hotel’s wise use of space. It was part illusion, part design: the high ceilings made the room feel somewhat large, and drawers beneath the “Japanese-style” platform bed offered ample storage in case the wall of closets wasn’t enough. The décor, in light earth tones, was soothing. A padded headboard offered extra comfort for the “Asian queen” (or double) bed. The only drawback was the view — once we pulled back the heavy curtain in our first-floor room, we were treated to a vista of parked cars in a narrow alley.

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by Blogger002 on 10/08/2012 in Hotels