Stop by Schanigärten - Vienna's Sidewalk Cafés

I’m sure you’ve seen tables set up for guests on the sidewalk in front of coffeehouses, bars or restaurants? These are Schanigärtens or sidewalk cafés, and they originated in Vienna, the capital of Austria, around 1750. Now they are a world-wide phenomena.

Vienna is full of them, and between March 1 and November 15, there can be around 1,800 sidewalk cafes to choose from. This is a mind-blowing number of choices, and you can enjoy a good meal and famous rich Vienna coffee at any one of these spots.

At these venues, flower pots take the place of garden fences, with parasols providing cooling shade. These temporary cafés prove to be veritable oases of relaxation on a hot day, providing a nice outdoor experience, while still keeping you guarded from the elements (when needed).

They differ from the typical Gastgärten (restaurant garden), as Schanigärten is set up in public spaces such as squares, pedestrian zones and sidewalks, hence, the term sidewalk cafés. They are always located directly adjacent the establishment, leaving space for pedestrians to walk freely, and for diners not to feel crowded.

So stop and take a load off. Relax at Schanigärten in Vienna (the orginal home of sidewalk cafés), and enjoy a rich cup of coffee, beverage or meal at these cool outdoor spots. You will get the same level of service as those on the inside, while enjoying outdoor breeze, and a lively ambience.


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by BOB'S Cruises & Tours Blogger on 08/12/2013 in Dining