The Graceful Itiquita Falls

People never associate grace with water falls. However, grace and agility is what you see when you visit Itiquita Falls in Brazil. This natural marvel is located about 115 kilometers from Brasilia - the capital of Brazil.

Think of the fun you will have by mixing pleasures of watching the great Brazilian soccer and swimming in clean water pools from the falls of Itiquita. And yes, downstream, the falls form pools of clean water where people can swim. The fish dart around unperturbed by human presence. There are shelters that you can use to change clothing before and after a swim.

Brazil is a politically stable country. Its economy is booming and there are less and less poor people. This has brought forth a wealthy middle class that has attracted investments in the hospitality industry. Apart from the local Brazilian cuisine, you can enjoy Italian food, French cuisine, American Burgers and fries as well as wine from far flung areas such as Australia's Barossa valley.

The falls are located in the Gaois State of Brazil. The fall is made by river Itiquita which falls from the high points of the Formosa plateau and drains into the Parana River Valley. The Falls are 168 meters high and are said to be the highest falls in Brazil and second highest in the world. The Itiquita Falls boasts 4 waterfalls and 36 springs.

The Falls are part of Municipal protected park. The waters are so clean that there is a clean water bottling plant downstream. The park is a nice place to plan a Sunday afternoon hike or walk. The tall tropical trees and variety of flora and fauna is a photographer's dream.

From the City of Formosa, you can access the falls using BR-020/030 highway. Most travellers opt to fly in to the City and then use a bus, a taxi or car hire to get to the falls. The road to the falls gives the tourist a beautiful view of Brazilian tropical climate and vegetation

Why don’t you get out of comfort zone and venture out to this beautiful place and have something new to share with your friends? Why not make your friends jealous by having ventured in to the Amazon jungle?

by Kennedy Runo on 10/30/2013 in Sightseeing