Tiger fishing at sunrise on the Lower Zambezi River

Large mammals such as Leopards, elephants, lions, buffaloes, rhinos, antelopes and hippopotamuses are the welcoming party to the famous Lower Zambezi National Park in Zambia. It is not uncommon to hear some birds and monkeys laughing at your ineptitude in navigating your four-wheeled drive car through the muddy pathways as you try to reach the banks of river Zambezi.

With the African dawn catching up on you as you still struggle to get your car unstuck from mud, do not be surprised to encounter the African jungle carnivores as they return from a successful night of hunting in the wild. And no, I am not trying to scare you. This is what you will exactly get. If you are the kind that scares easily, perhaps you should get a ranger to accompany you. The animals usually are indifferent to the humans that come to visit their homes.

Back to the reason you are making this journey - tiger fishing. Tiger fish is locally nicknamed as the dog fish. Folklore says that the fish is a preferred food for the dogs that reside along the banks of the huge river. How true the folklore is, I have no way of ascertaining. What I am certain of however, is that you will get the fish in their thousands in the Zambezi River. The diverse ecosystem and river algae seem to be doing its part in ensuring that the fish colonies thrive.

Luckily for you, the companies that offer the fishing boats such as Kiambi Safari and Chongwe River Camp will ensure that your fishing expedition goes without a hitch. You will be put in groups of threes on each boat and then let out on the river. Do not be surprised to see African Crocodiles on the riverbeds as they take in their morning sun.

Tiger fishing in Zambezi will ultimately be your safari highlight, but you will get other additional sights for free. If there is one thing I have discovered about Africa and Zambia in particular is that you can never run short of activities to engage in. As they say in Africa, may the gods smile your way and catch a bountiful lot!

by Kennedy Runo on 12/24/2013 in Sightseeing