Video: Epic Java

You’ll surely appreciate how Java Island, one of the many islands that consists the huge archipelago of Indonesia, is greatly blessed with culturally- and naturally-rich features. Even the locals and travelers from neighboring countries, such as Singapore and Malaysia, are constantly drawn to the undeniable beauty of Bandung and Puncak, the former now being turned into a trendy and sophisticated shopping district.

But what really makes Java special is its gorgeous sceneries that never fail to capture the heart of just about any type traveler. Take a peek at Febian Nurrahman Saktinegara’s equally epic clip of Java, in which he shares,

EPIC JAVA is a visual of the universe and human culture. A searching process of the mysteries of life and everything related to it. A contemplative depiction that will take us into God power. Breaking the boundaries of dimensions and provide an unforgettable space experience. It invites audience to travel into the visual from other's point of views… EPIC JAVA is a non-narrative film flowed with music that will bring you to breathtaking moments that occurred from east to the west of Java. Highlighting the universe based of the movement of the sun through DSLR time lapses photography and slow motion.

So get started with your next travel as early as now!

by Blogger002 on 08/05/2012 in Sightseeing