Video: Outliers – Getting to Know Iceland


Located on the Mid-Atlantic Ridge is the lovely island nation of Iceland, which is known to be a geologically and volcanically active Nordic European country.

When visiting this scenic island, you’ll be amazed by the diversity of its interior, which is mainly comprised of glacial rivers, lava and sand fields as well as mountainous regions.

Get to know a small fraction of Iceland in this video arranged by, in which the user shares,

In October of 2011, a small group of filmmakers, photographers and musicians traveled to the remote countryside of Iceland to document their experience with the landscape, traditions and people encountered along the way. Thee end result is a series of improvised, collaborative musical vignettes - based on field recordings and visual material collected on location - amidst documentary footage of the journey to a uniquely breathtaking place. Thee feature-length film and accompanying soundtrack are slated for launch in June of 2012, featuring the work of thirteen contemporary classical composers and electronic producers.

So get started with your next trip as early as now!

by Blogger002 on 07/24/2012 in Sightseeing