Video: Scooting in Dreamland

Scotland boasts of an archipelago off from its mainland, named Outer Hebrides, which is also referred to as the Long Island and the Western Isles. Aside from the breathtaking seascapes and rugged coastlines offered by this island chain, this naturally rich country also takes pride in its Scottish Highlands, wherein a more rugged version of Scotland can be found.

From islands to highlands, you’ll see more of this in this film produced by Today Adventure. Below are some of the creator’s views of his travel:

Lay back and enjoy the wonderful scenery of the Scottish Highlands and Outer Hebrides… 21 days, 6 ferry boats, 5300 kilometers in a 50 cc, 4 stroke, 4 hp scooter, from Portugal to the Scottish Highlands, Outer Hebrides (Harris & Lewis), the Isle of Skye and back to my country - these are the numbers and such was the adventure. I have nearly zero experience in videography and film editing (as it can easily be observed). I traveled solo, with no trip or movie planning, with no backup and I camped wild many nights.

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by Blogger002 on 08/25/2012 in Escorted or Guided Tour