Video: Touring People’s Square in Shanghai

Abutting on Huangpu District’s Nanjing Road is People’s Square, a huge public square in Shanghai where you’ll find the city’s site of municipal government building. Aside from this though, other places of interest that you ought to check out around the square are the Jinjiang Tower, which is one of the tallest structures in Shanghai, as well as the Park Hotel Shanghai, which was once Asia’s tallest building.

Take a good look at People’s Square in this vid shared to us by Gunther Machu, who further says,

Strolling through Shanghai and discovering the people at People's Square! A little short film made last weekend on location, doing what I like to do most during my travels: to immerse myself and "feel" the place.

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by Blogger002 on 10/20/2012 in Sightseeing