What Should You Not Miss Eating when in Peru



When in Peru, it can’t be help for the gourmand in you to take you and your palate to sample great Peruvian dishes.  

So we list down five of the best for your easy reference.

1. Ceviche
It is probably the most popular South American dish.  The basic ingredient is raw fish, cut into bite-size pieces and marinated in lime juice, salt and seasonings. This preparation has become a basic procedure as the Incas used to preserve their fish with fruit juice, salt and chilli peppers, and later the Spanish conquerors introduced the now essential limes.

2. Aji de Gallina
This literally means chicken in spicy sauce.  The yellow aji pepper lends its colour, including giving a mild kick to several Peruvian dishes.  This rich, velvety stew is made with chicken and condensed milk and thickened with de-crusted white bread. A vegetarian alternative with a similar flavour is the ubiquitous papa a la huancaina, which is basically a boiled potato with creamy yellow sauce.

3. Cuy
A pre-colonial time favourite, cuy is a Peru staple.  Since guinea pigs are traditional source of food and protein in the Andes, eating cuy has become such a tradition that there are festivals celebrating the guinea pig. These usually highlight the best-tasting cuy contest.

4. Cazuela
If you are a soup lover, then cazuela is for you.  This is traditionally prepared by boiling a piece of hen, a good piece of meat and a good piece of sheep. Finally, some wild cabbage, rice, carrot, sweet corn ears, and a glass of white wine are added to make an unforgettable local soup.

5. Causa
A visitor to any market in Peru is certain to find two things—hundreds of varieties of potatoes and piles of avocados large enough to toboggan down. Causa actually is not your ordinary mashed potato. Its layers usually contain tuna, meat or hard-boiled egg.

Tuck this list together with your travel itinerary for easy access during your food trip in Peru!

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