What to do in an Emegency in a Foreign Country

Imagine this; you are on a business travel or on a vacation in a foreign country. Suddenly, there is a natural disaster of the tsunami magnitude and the local authorities are unable to handle the situation. Their primary duty is to their citizens. What would you do? Take another situation where you have been visiting a country on regular basis and she seems like a stable democracy. Suddenly and out of nowhere, an army of rebels overthrows the government and orders all foreign nationals out of the country within 24-hours failure of which they will be prosecuted as unknown aliens or enemies of the state. What would you do? Well, below are some things you can do to prevent a ‘worst case scenario'.

Do a thorough research of your destination before starting your journey

In matters of political strife and civil unrest, the telltale signs of possible emergencies should be there for the keen looker to see. All you need to do is read the newspapers of the country you intend to visit. Avoid such countries like plague. Foreigners are always at a disadvantage. Another thing you can do before your visit is ask for travel advise from your country's foreign affairs department or ministry. They usually have better analysis of the situation.

Get to your Embassy or Consulate as soon as you can

No matter the emergency, the place you can get the most help is in your own country's consulate or embassy. At the slightest detection of trouble, most consulates allow their citizens to check in unhindered. Do not wait until the last minute.

Call the Emergency Numbers

Sometimes the emergency may not require your consulate's intervention. In such situations, you need to call the local country's emergency number and explain the problem to the receiver as succinctly as possible.

Learn the local language for 'I need help'

Among the first thing you should learn when you land in a foreign country is their language for, ‘help', 'please', 'police', 'thank you', and many others. In cases of emergencies, they come in handy.

Withdraw a good sum of cash - preferably in US dollars

Any war correspondent or political strife journalist can tell you that there is nothing that gets you out of trouble as quickly as the American dollar. Being the internationally recognized currency, the dollar has helped many a foreigner in a strife ridden country out of potentially difficult situation. You can get a car, charter plane, or medical care that you would not have otherwise gotten.

When you are in a foreign country, no matter how much fun you are having, always remember you are a foreigner and that you will be the first victim in emergencies.

by Kennedy Runo on 11/15/2013 in Business